Goddess Viktoria Sway

New York's 6ft Tall

goddess of Torment

Tantra and FemDom sessions in New York. 

Viktoria Sway


New York's 6ft Tall

goddess of Torment

Mistress ~ FemDom New York ~ ProDom ~ Tantra ~ Manhattan Dominatrix

Which Goddess is for you?

Goddess of Healing

For those that like a gentle touch. Tantra and BDSM.

Goddess Of Chaos

Deviants and the brave. Psychological, Sexual and Physical torment.

Goddess of Healing

For those that like a gentle touch. Tantra and BDSM.

Goddess Of Chaos

Deviants and the brave. Psychological, Sexual and Physical torment.
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Mistress New York City ~ FemDom ~ Manhattan Tantra ~ Professional Dominatrix ~ Domme - ProDom

BDSM Dominatrix ~ FemDom ~ Mistress ~ Dominatrix

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the art of Authenticity

the art of Authenticity

Be Better, Be Mine

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Presence is Everything

NYC Dominatrix  Goddess Viktoria Sway 

No matter the type of session you choose, my main goal is to help you live in the present moment with complete focus. This means that you fully trust and follow my guidance. Once we agree on the session details, you let go of all desires and expectations and allow me to lead the way.

However, it’s important to know that many people ask for this experience without understanding how deep and meaningful it is. You might be disappointed if you’re too attached to a specific fantasy or outcome. The key is to keep an open mind and enjoy the journey rather than fixating on a particular result.

Let go and Find Joy

 Disrupt the never-ending cycle of thoughts, worries, and pressures, and become grounded firmly in the present moment. Focusing on each sensation develops a deeper connection with your body. This practice enhances self-awareness, promotes self-love, and paves the way for increased resilience and joy.

While a high level of change takes many sessions, you benefit from even a single session of fully feeling. Immersion in sensations has powerful benefits that significantly improve emotional health. It offers an escape from the chaotic whirlwind of daily life. Approach these sessions openly and embrace the journey. Don’t focus on a set outcome. 

Dominatrix Healthy masculine traits include self-awareness, knowing oneself deeply, and having a grounded presence. Embracing these traits can help improve relationships, personal growth, and emotional well-being.


New York City 

Goddess Viktoria Sway

nyc dominatrix viktoria sway in black lingerie.

Practicing mindfulness is an important way to connect with your body. Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment with an open mind. Research shows that mindfulness helps reduce stress, improve focus, and increase happiness. Join me for the practice of FemDom in New York and as I travel.

Goddess Viktoria Sway

New York mistress viktoria sway in blue.

BDSM in Manhattan NY

Be Transformed by FemDom

Whether you choose Tantra, sensual domination, or a complete power exchange session, I support and encourage your emotions and feelings. Embrace and explore these sensations to connect with yourself and your surroundings. This change can bring more happiness and fulfilling experiences.

Sensual Domination

During the session, I create different sensations, from the gentle touch of silk to the firm pressure of a well-oiled massage. This type of control takes you on a sensory journey where trust and openness are essential. I encourage you to let go of stress and worries and fully embrace the moment. Level up with tantric principles to deepen the connection, energy, and intimacy.

Power Exchange and Chaotic BDSM

Power Exchange and Chaotic BDSM can lead to altered states of consciousness. These experiences can be transformative, allowing individuals to surrender and release. As a professional dominatrix, it’s my job to create a safe space for exploring emotions that don’t fit into everyday life. I take pride in guiding people through the ups and downs with care and respect.

BDSM Life Coaching

Explore Your Shadow Desires: Discover Your Potential

Are you ready to go on a journey of self-discovery and sexual fulfillment? You can unlock many additional benefits by exploring your deepest desires with intention. Just time for a single session? That’s ok! One session of tuning into yourself reduces stress, increases happiness, and provides a sense of control. You’ll also feel empowered to advocate for your pleasure and experiment with new ways to enjoy yourself.

Let’s dive into the world of sexual exploration and see how your life shifts!

  1. Boost Your Confidence in Bed: Discover secrets to feeling confident and empowered in the bedroom. Get personalized guidance and learn techniques to unleash your inner prowess and become a master of pleasure.
  2. Effortlessly Pleasure Your Partner: Learn the art of pleasing your partner. Explore new ways to satisfy their desires and create a deeper connection beyond physical intimacy.
  3. Overcome Performance Anxiety and Insecurities: Say goodbye to performance anxiety and insecurities about penis size. Gain the tools and knowledge to overcome these challenges, allowing you to enjoy and embrace your sexual experiences fully.
  4. Break Free from Porn Dependency: Reduce your  porn compulsion and reclaim your time. Experience a more authentic and fulfilling connection with yourself at the people in your life.
  1. Build Healthy Relationships: Build strong and healthy relationships based on trust, communication, and mutual satisfaction. Discover how exploring your desires can lead to deeper connections.
  2. Find Your Potential: Uncover new areas of your sexuality through BDSM coaching. Explore power dynamic to discover your true purpose, and unlock new potential for personal growth.
  3. Recover from Heartbreak or Divorce: Find healing and solace in your sexuality as you recover from heartbreak or divorce. Embrace your desires as a source of strength and empowerment.
  4. Strengthen Love and Intimacy: Experience a new level of love and intimacy through FemDom. Discover the power dynamics that enhance your relationship.

Schedule a Session Today

If you seek to explore the depths and heights of your desires, I am the practitioner who can fulfill those needs. Whether it’s through tantra, sensual domination, or intense BDSM, I have the expertise to make it a reality. Schedule a session in Manhattan or as I travel.

Manhattan Dominatrix

I aim to make a safe and friendly place. Here, people can let go of societal rules and expectations. They can connect with their bodies and embrace their masculine and feminine qualities. This helps create a more fulfilling experience and adds to happiness and personal growth.

NYC Dominatrix Viktoria Sway

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