Nyc dominatrix
Nyc dominatrix

NYC Dominatrix New York dominatrix

Dominatrix and Tantra Practioner

NYC Dominatrix

Goddess Viktoria Sway

Manhattan Dominatrix Viktoria Sway

New York's 6 ft tall Goddess of Torment

Sexual, Physical, and Psychological

nyc dominatrix

FemDom in my Midtown Manhatten Private PlaySpace

Intimate & Electric BDSM for Those that Dare to Experience Their Truth

New York City Dominatrix Goddess Viktoria Sway, nyc dominatrix
"Charming, warm, and sweet…. until you enter my dungeon.I will laugh as I entertain myself with your toil.Regardless, I will get in your head and be the Master of your world."
Viktoria Sway


Twitter offers an opportunity to get to know Goddess Viktoria Sways’ personality and learn a bit about her Dominatrix Ways. 


Do you crave for me?

Powerful Feminine Energy guides you to BDSM Euphoria

Choose a brief respite from the pressures of life or a more profound self-inquiry experience. Dominatrix Viktoria Sway offers three types of sessions

NYC Dominatrix

Play with a skilled NYC Dominatrix. An NYC Mistress such as Goddess Viktoria Sway creates the ultimate BDSM session in NYC BDSM, FeMDOM expert in Midtown Manhattan.

The focus is your relaxation, settling into your pleasure, and accepting soft sexy sensory input. Melt from my expert feminine touch. Feel your body and the magical sensations you are experiencing.  3 Provider Level of Service. Non-Sexual through Female Led GFE

Contribute to improving both yourself and the world through serving me. I will train you to be a valuable asset to me and most importantly the world.  Contributing to the improvement of my life allows me to focus on my quest to bring emotional health to as many people as possible. Well trained submissives may be considered for a collared position. Follow the service training link to learn more. 

Explore your Shadows & Master yourself. Explore your unspoken desires, dark fantasies, and hidden fears in sexy BDSM sessions. Familiarity with repressed dark desires allows you to have power over your actions and responses.

Through sexy BDSM activities that call to your shadow self, you begin to feel a range of emotions. I develop your skills to manage your feelings in a safe environment. My intuition, training, and experience are your ever-present guide.

I see only two clients a week for these highly connected, sexually and psychologically healing sessions. 3 levels of provider service available. Non-Sexual through Dominatrix GFE

My specialties:

  • any kind of sensory play

  • training- service/slut etc

  • psychological & predicament play

My mission is to bring sexual and emotional health to each person I have contact with. I approach BDSM as a therapeutic tool. Be it a brief escape from reality or a deeper exploration of your psyche. 

I have a gift of seeing through your guards to open you up to new perspectives. Escape social norms and explore your hidden longings.  Ultimately, you surrender on a guided journey to a new understanding of self.

As you learn to feel and process your emotions they will be released, thus plaguing you less and less. 

Consider a Dominatrix orchestrated dinner date or weekend getaway. Many of my FemDom roles can be acted out covertly or maybe not so covertly in public settings.

I am always a polished and charming Goddess to those not in the know.

Be Better, Be Mine

Dominatrix Play Preferences

I enjoy playing with all genders, couples & non-binary expressions of self. I particularly enjoy exploring masculine or feminine traits that call to you; be it further expression of your assigned gender, gender-bending, or a complete gender switch.

sessions By NYC Dominatrix Goddess Viktoria Sway

Goddess Viktoria Sway invites you to play in the shadows. BDSM with an NYC Dominatrix

Shadow sessions are an intense psychological and sexual experience.  I  happily commit a tremendous amount of thought and energy to those who commit to this exploration level, as it is my true joy to share the gifts of shadow play.  Due to the immense attention I give to each scene, I limit these sessions to 2 a week. 

HARD LIMITS: Subbing or switching of any kind. Brown & Rainbow Showers, highly scripted role-play, competitive wrestling, diaper play, animals, and children. I’m sure there are others & I’m sure someone will ask about them. 🙂

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Goddess Viktoria Sways' CornerStone Values
As a Professional Dominatrix and human being these core values that drive my choices. 
  • Mutual Respect for desires, preferences, and boundaries.
  • Safety
  • Positive Impact with my time on this earth. 
  • Curiosity and personal development

My values are woven throughout my website, social media, and interaction with me.  I am quick to guide those that disrespect my values politely.  I do not spend time on those that demonstrate a lack of desire for reform.

Luxury New York Dominatrix


domination on your mind

NYC dominatrix, NYC Mistress

Are you ready to see how far you will go to please me? My femininity draws you to open in ways you’ve hidden away for years. Consequently, you will beg for my control.

Does the idea of being leashed by a powerful Mistress leave you breathless and weak-kneed?

I know what you are thinking, feeling, and yearning for even better than you do. Those elusive thoughts are at the edge of your imagination that you hesitate to bring into the light of day.

Experiences that your mind can’t shake.

Is your body screaming for sensations that your mind has only dreamt of? 

Is your body screaming for sensations that your mind has only dreamt of? 


Most importantly, I have the wisdom and experience to toy with your psyche, eventually delivering you to an entirely different world. Furthermore, the experiences in my hands will be unrivaled throughout your life. Surrender in obedience and servitude. Indeed, you will be clay in my hands, melded in an entire body release.

Ultimately, your submission into FemDom transforms you into a better human being. I free you from your day-to-day. You connect with your unknown inner being because of your surrender to powerful feminine energy.

MidTown Manhattan FEMDOM NYC Dominatrix

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