Goddess Viktoria Sway


I’m so glad you put your pleasure in my hands. 


Thank you so much for scheduling with me.  Please take the time to read this letter and fill out the  form for your session as it helps me prepare an experience tailored specifically to your tastes as well as instruct you on measures to keep us both happy and safe. 

In Preparation for Play

Please fill out the appropriate form for your session.  Special requests for clothing and make-up may be accommodated at my whim unless you have purchased items for me to wear for our session.   My height makes purchases off of the rack tricky… let me know what you would like and we can collaborate to create the look you want.


If you would like to chat prior to our session this may be done through sext panther. Follow the above link.

If Toys Interest You:

After years in the Medical industry I am a stickler for health safety… I  recommended that you purchase your own toys that might be used in ways that would be exposed to fluids, particularly, ball gags, cages & dildos. For those of you that see me at my in-call location, I’m happy to keep anything that you purchase here in your own bin labeled with your handle.  I will clean and disinfect toys after we use them and they will stay in your bin until the next time!  I do have a collection of toys and some travel with me.   I disinfect and sterilize as possible, and cover surfaces with protection when possible, but mine are used at your own risk.

As the time Arrives

I will send a confirmation message the day before your appointment, if I don’t hear from you I will assume you are not coming, will fill the time slot, and report you as a time waster on the boards. You will need to compensate me for lost time to remain in my good graces. If you do not hear from me, check your spam folder, and then please contact me! 

The e-mail will contain the near location.  An hour before the session, I will send the exact location.  Once you reach that spot, send me a message, and then I’ll get you in the rest of the way!

If you are going to be late, please communicate that with me. If you are seeing me in a reserved space, unfortunately, I do not have flexibility with time, after 15 min.  I will assume you are a no-show, and you will need to work out compensating me for my time.  I typically have things scheduled around your session, so I cannot always accommodate you with my time.

48-hour cancellation policy- with 48 hours’ notice, I offer the opportunity to reschedule (ONCE) if something comes up.  Any fees that I have incurred to rent space for your session will be lost.  Deposits will be forwarded to a future session (ONCE), or lost if you are unable to reschedule. If I am touring or if for any reason I need to cancel or reschedule I will refund all the fees you have paid. 

If you need to reschedule after 48 hours, you will owe 50% of the session cost, and after 12 hours, 100% of the session cost.  If you do not honor this agreement, I will blacklist you on 3 boards. 

Anal Play

If anal play is on the agenda, I expect that you will clean yourself with an enema. If you don’t use an enema, I will know it…you don’t want that. 

3 options: 

  1. Complete this on your own & within 1 hour of your arrival.
  2.  You may add 1/2 hour to your session to do this at my incall. I will provide the supplies. $25 fee. 
  3. I will instruct you and walk you through the enema process, 1/2 hour added to your session $100 fee.

You must request enema time at least 24 hours prior to your session. 

For those of you that are seeing me for submissive training/sessions, you must follow the protocols outlined. 


Session fees should be placed on the table as you enter in plain sight.  No changes to service level may be made during the session.  I do not negotiate or discuss rates or services at the appointment, if you bring it up you will have to leave immediately.

The Scene

The part you have been waiting for…. You are in my hands now.  Sit back, relax and enjoy.

A bottle of champagne, wine or glass of spirit to share is acceptable for light sessions, however intoxication for heavy BDSM is never appropriate. 

A few things I really dislike… To most of you this will seem obvious, it seems some of you need things spelled out.


  • Generally I plan 10 minutes at the beginning of a session for your shower, chat, negotiation of the scene and such.  Then, 10-15 minutes at the end for aftercare, wrap-up and a shower if you want one. This is within the time that you book. Please keep this in mind when you’re selecting your session length. Additionally, please advise me if you would like more time allocated to either endeavor.
  • Do not try to dominate me.  I know… I’m not a bitch… some of you switches might be tempted. Don’t do it.
  • Do not play rough with me. I don’t enjoy it.  I am very sensitive and responsive, I enjoying feeling every little sensation and movement.  While I may choose to be more primal with you, this is not something I enjoy for myself. 
  • There is a shower available ~ I expect you to be very clean, please use it and the soap if you have worked up any kind of nervous sweat! 
  • Do not spit on me.  I have plenty of oils and lotions etc.
  • Do not stick anything in my ass.  I’m serious… no you can’t convince me I like it.
  • No gum.  I don’t want to see it, hear it, or smell it.

I’m sure this isn’t a complete list, but as they come up I’m adding them.

General Guidelines:

Health, Safety and your happiness is a priority!

  •  I expect you to clearly communicate your needs to me as I will to you.
  • I expect you will follow the rules and guidelines I give you.
  • I expect you to be sober and drug free.  
  •  I expect you to be polite and respectful.
  • I expect you to be clean and have excellent hygiene.
  • I will verify your identity ~ this could take some time depending upon your references. I will provide you with assurances that you need within my abilities.

Fetish Play Safe Words:   


Green: I love it! (Mostly I can tell, so this isn’t needed unless you feel compelled)

Yellow: Getting close to my edge… proceed with caution


More or Less:   If you feel like you want a change in pressure, pace or whatever feel free to give a little direction.


I’m so looking forward to making your fantasies come true.


Ms. Viktoria


NYC Dominatrix Viktoria Sway

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