Newsletter June/July 2022

DomCon LA 2022 was a whirlwind of classes, socializing, outfit extravaganzas, and events.  I met SO many lovely and spectacular people.  I am speechless regarding the love, support, and camaraderie that was present. 

Casual Whip work

NYC Dominatrix & Goddess Viktoria Sway

Just a casual evening at home torturing my sub while I watch TV. 

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New D/s Session Protocols

The transition from everyday life to a power exchange scene is sometimes bumpy. BDSM rituals and protocols smooth the way from the hectic outside world into the D/s dynamic. My set protocol begins to build the container for our play. These rules establish our roles, create anticipation, and help you stay centered and focused throughout your session.

See my Power Exchange Protocols

goddess Viktoria Sway NYC Dominatrix

Interview with Tryst

I had the honor of participating in an interview with tryst.lynk. Read the full length version to learn about my start in the industry, thoughts on sex work, hobbies , dream date, and more!

domme Nyc

“As we embrace the uncomfortable and examine our choices, we challenge poorly constructed traditional behaviors and beliefs. This disruption allows for new solutions, tolerance of differences, and more loving culture.”

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FemDom Hypnosis

Because of this healthy attachment, the submissive susceptibility to suggestion deepens and reaches a more profound emotional state. The submissive is more relaxed and pliant for the experience the skilled dominatrix creates.

Hypnotic FemDom Training brings the submissive into a state of erotic fantasy. Trigger words and mind control techniques bond them to their Dominant.

See me on Tour

Pittsburg: July 27 & 28

LA- Aug 4 & 5 

Detroit- Aug 10-12

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Magical Moments on The Fancy Beast Zeus

It’s been a big month for me.  I had a birthday, went to DomCon, and attended Torture Garden NYC.  In addtion to starting my Psycology studies to earn my second BS degree. 

I keep up on my riding lessons as that is what brings me peace and joy! 

Goddess Viktoria Sway

I am accepting applications for service submissives.  If you are interested send an e-mail to: 

  • The e-mail must be titled “Service Application” 
  • 3-4 ways in which you would like to serve me. (no sexual or personal service)
  • your experience with FEMDOM service. 
  • the amount of time and days of the week you would be available. 

IF you do not hear back from me within a week then I have passed on your application. 

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See My New Rates

  • Level 1 Starts $100 an hour
  • Level 2 Starts at $700 an hour
  • Level 3 Starts at $1000 an hour

NYC DOminatrix

NYC DOminatrix

NYC Dominatrix Viktoria Sway

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