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Goddess Viktoria Sway Dominatrix

Hot In The City

With another semester wrapped up, summer's heat is sinking in, and it's a beautiful time to be outside! I've been enjoying the warm weather by spending more days riding Zeus. We've been doing competitive riding events. He's a bit of a Diva, but then again, we all have a bit of a Diva in us, don't we?


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Goddess Viktoria Sway Dominatrix

The Archetypes of a Dominatrix

Do you often wonder why certain aspects of  FemDom excite you?  Are you struggling to understand your attraction to darker scenarios? Join me in exploring the Jungian Archetypes of a Dominatrix and the potential benefits of shadow work for healing and self-actualization. 

But what does that have to do with kink or BDSM? Read on to learn more and perhaps gain insights into your attractions and desires.

Goddess Viktoria Sway NYC Dominatrix

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Find me on Sextpanther to connect with a Goddess directly. Share what's on your dirty mind!
You'll also find a selection of my paid content available on Sextpanther, sometimes discounted for subscribers or early birds. Now offering both pop-up availability and scheduled windows of time to text with me, the one the only Viktoria Sway, NYC Dominatrix!

Why Coaching?

Goddess Viktoria Sway, NYC Dominatrix BDSM Coaching Amazon Warrior

BDSM coaching offers new ways to approach to life challenges you may have struggled with over time.

My approach to behavior modification is unique. I focus on changing behaviors by altering the environmental factors that influence them.

Goddess Viktoria Sway Dominatrix

Big news

Did you know you can now fly me to you? My summer break allows me to book longer sessions, including FMTY. If you live in a major city that is not on my current tour list, please inquire about booking the experience of a lifetime with Goddess Viktoria Sway!

The Queen Enforcer Speaks

Goddess Viktoria Sway NYC Dominatrix BDSM

You come to me to learn and submit to my protocols, knowing I will enforce them swiftly and with an intensity that you will not soon forget. Feel the collar tightening as you kneel in first position, naked, on your knees, hands on your head, awaiting my every command.

This moment drives fear and excitement through your body, alive, yearning to please me through your obedience. 

I drag a flogger down your naked chest. You know your place, and will do everything and anything to please me, including taking the lashes I am about to give you.

Portland & Bangor, ME: 7/22-7/23

Montreal, Quebec 7/24-7/26

Washington, D.C. 7/29-7/30

Portland, OR 9/4-9/7

By Request: Morristown, NJ, Washington, D.C, Philadelphia, PA, Westchester, CT

Song of the Month

Goddess Viktoria Sway NYC Dominatrix BDSM

“No, you can’t control who you really are, or what you really want.” Dirty Love by Mt. Joy

NYC Dominatrix Viktoria Sway

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