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Service Training

BDSM service training from a Goddess, an otherworldly creature of feminine majesty, is a long-held fantasy for many kinky players. The chance to come under the notice of a superior being tingles you deep in your belly. Stealing glances as she goes about her day or seeing a slice of her inner world makes you hard with desire.

 For some of you, the only value you get out of your grueling work is knowing a Goddess is spending your money as she pleases. If feeling powerful or valuable by providing or caretaking calls to you then service to Goddess Viktoria is the answer.

April 20-23 Philadelphia Tour

Philadelphia: April 20-23rd $100 session discount with a 20% deposit. I will prioritize deposited sessions. If you book and don't deposit I will give your time to someone else if they choose to send a deposit. I am always available for Fly Me To You engagements. These start at $3000 plus expenses.

Goddess Viktoria Sway

Next Month

The more pain you feel the less you suffer. Next month's deep Dominatrix dive: Healing Trauma Through BDSM. Relieve your needless suffering. Learn to feel and process your emotional and physical experience as felt body sensations.

Sway Time

I was recently introduced to the glory of the NYC library as a place to do some computer work. What a spectacular sight!

My horse riding is going very well. I’m getting stronger each time although the journey back to the skill level I once was will take a bit of time. Gus, my aging and the loyal dog is hanging in there! He goes for short walks around the block and begs every person we pass for a treat.

Great gift ideas are always Hockey tickets or riding lesson sponsorship ~ cahapp $msv123456 $125/lesson or email for more information.

Viktoria & 2022 Covid

I'm covid vaccinated and boosted, as well as current natural immunity. I expect that you are vaccinated as well. If you are experiencing symptoms, please reschedule your session. I will allow one to reschedule within six months without consequences.

Goddess Viktoria Sway
  • Basic House Cleaning Service: $100
  • House Cleaning Service Level 2: $200 hr
  • House Cleaning Service Level 3: $300 hr
  • Protocol and Tea Service- Level 1 $200 hr
  • Protocol and Tea Service- Level 2 $300
  • Bath & Toiletry Service Training $300 hr

What is Power?

“Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control: These three alone lead life to sovereign power.” Alfred Lord Tennyson POET LAUREATE OF GREAT BRITAIN For you, what is power?

Those with the strongest connections to self hold the greatest power. The ability to remain calm within a storm, absorb, analyze, and assimilate information without fear of losing themselves hold the key to great personal power.

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What is Freedom?

Know your authentic self so well you do not fear influence or judgment.  Know your authentic self so well that you are open to hearing opinions and experiencing emotions. 

Complete presence at the moment without fear of the future or regret of the past.

NYC Dominatrix Viktoria Sway

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